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Be Blends Wax Melts

Be Blends Wax Melts


All handmade in Maryland. Organic oils used for scent, melts are soy. 


Aloha- A little bit of coconut, a little tropical fruit, with a touch of ocean....a great summer blend that will have you dreaming of beaches, palm trees, and sunny days!


Eucalyptus Mint- This handpoured Soy Candle is the perfect blend of fresh and clean eucalyptus and refreshing and uplifting peppermint and spearmint. This is the candle for you if you like a more subtle "spa-like" scent.


Juicy Peach- This hand poured Soy Candle smells just like freshly sliced peaches. Light, fruity, slightly sweet....the perfect summer scent!


Just Vanilla- This handpoured Soy Candle is intensely vanilla, with the tiniest bit of cream to round it out. A better, kicked-up version of the good ole' Vanilla Candle!


Fresh Linen- This hand poured Soy Candle evokes memories of crisp clean linen sheets, hanging on the line to dry, in the warm summer sun. So bright and fresh!


Blueberry Cobbler- Mmmmm...sweet, and buttery! Smells like you've been baking homemade pie all day long filled with fresh, juicy, summer ripened blueberries!


Grandpop's Pipe- A little woody, a touch of vanilla, and the sweet true scent of tobacco. A scent to truly evoke memories of the good ole days!


Lemon Pound Cake- Tart lemon meets sweet vanilla frosting in this delicious hand poured soy candle. Sure to trick any visitor in your smells like you've been baking sweet treats all day long!


Go Shawty, It's your Birthday!- Sprinkles and all! This hand poured soy candle is the ultimate birthday gift! Smells just like vanilla cake, and is topped with rainbow festive and so fun!


Peppermint Vanilla- This handpoured Soy Candle is fresh and pepperminty with a touch of sweetness, just like a Candy Cane!


Lime in the Coconut- This hand poured Soy Candle screams "Tropical Island"!! A little lime....a little coconut....and little umbrella in your frozen drink! A must have for summer!


Minty Mojito- One of our favorites!! This hand poured Soy Candle is an amazing blend of fresh picked mint leaves, mixed with tropical notes of pineapple and sugar cane. So light and fresh.....perfect for summer!


Tan Li